2022 Rewind and Reflection

The start of 2022 was surprisingly busy for me, personally and professionally. Well, there is still time to write my ‘2022 rewind and reflection’ post and share it with you. ^_^

2022 started with a lot of promises. The Australian border finally ‘opened’ in March 2022, and Airlines were gearing up to put all the aircraft back into service. Still, we realised that aircraft and air services were actually provided by humans. Remember those news headlines about airport chaos and unattended bags all over the ground at many airports? Perhaps you lost your bags in 2022?

This is the first reflection I’d like to share with you: Everyone needs care from family, friends and colleagues. We all remember how the COVID isolation rules and travel restrictions affect our emotions and feelings. What I learned in 2022 was that we all hunger for people’s attention and care, especially from family, friends and colleagues. So, I paid extra attention last year to ensure that people around me received my attention. I also reached out to friends and colleagues who were overseas. Even an online chat session helps!

One thing we now found out after COVID was that most people were over-worked in 2021. This is my second point of reflection: life and work balance. We got confused by when we should work and when we should stop and ‘go home’ because many of us worked from home in 2021. I wrote a blog post about how to work from home last year, and it was quickly the most popular post on my blog. If you overworked last year, it’s OK, and it’s not too late to restore the work-and-life balance. I enjoyed working from home, and I still do. However, cycling to the office to work is also enjoyable for me, although it takes me 2 hours to return each day. The cycling bit of my routine tells my brain that I’m going home and don’t want to work after my cycling (exercise, too!).

Have you achieved the goals that you planned in early 2022? The work environment was still ‘fluid’ for some people in 2022. So, if you didn’t fully achieve your goals last year, don’t blame yourself too hard. It’s important to acknowledge what you’ve done right and what you could have improved in the previous year. So, go through your goal plan for 2022 and check each item one by one. Pay attention to small wins and setbacks. Then, tap your shoulder and say, “Well done.” Now, move on and create your goal plan for 2023.

I was planning to leave work in late 2021 because I knew a change was needed to reset my work and my life quality. Literally, the day before I sent my CV to a head hunter, senior management had an ‘earthquake’. The earthquake was in my ‘favour’, so I stayed. Did you know that 70% of people change jobs because of their (senior) managers, not their jobs? If you feel someone is blocking your ambition or future, then it’s time to change. I’m also aware that it takes work to change a job. So, if you are in a similar situation, then seek support or coaching. Human brains do NOT like change but love ‘routines’. So, step back and give yourself a clear picture before you switch to a different lane.

We have all learned quite something in the past few COVID years. Perhaps you lost a loved one. Maybe you lost your job. Perhaps you cried helplessly on many nights for no reason. Maybe you realised that life was short and you had many things you hadn’t had a chance to do. It’s not too late to plan for your 2023. If you want professional assistance, consider my Goal Setting coaching sessions.

Some of my collections. The top left ones are from my 3 Ironman races (2018, 2019 and 2022)

Before I finish this reflection post for 2022, let me share with you some of my thoughts and achievements last year:

  • I did my 3rd Ironman race in May 2022, and my wife and kids waited for me at the finish line. It was a long exercise day, but I finished it and enjoyed it. It was a huge personal commitment and achievement, too. I’m so proud of myself.
  • I changed the way I see life and work. I saw most things from a ‘positive lens’, starting with ‘what can I do to help you?’
  • Being grateful; I’m healthy and alive after all the COVID nightmare! Nothing is better than this!
  • Keep some time and space for yourself. I still enjoy my ocean swim with my friends on weekends. It could be an 8-degree cold winter morning, and dipping into the cold water was the best thing you can do to your body and brain!
  • I was happy that I bought some shares while the world panicked. I was also pleased that all my clients sailed through 2022 smoothly, with significant achievements. Well done, my clients.
  • A few books I read last year that are worth mentioning and sharing:

Girt: The Unauthorised History of Australia by David Hunt. What an interesting way to tell the early history of Australia!

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely. If you want to know why you buy a Starbucks coffee after seeing people holding a Starbucks cup, then you should read this book (and understand your brain!).

Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings by Thibaut Meurisse. I learned a lot about what emotion is and how I could manage my sentiment, and I also put some elements I learned in my coaching last year.

Before I go, I wish you all the best in 2023. Create an awesome plan for yourself and sail proudly through 2023.

Dr. C. Richard Wu @ REEAConsulting.com

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