2021 Rewind and Reflection

We all have just gone through 2021 in a mixed mood. Before I wrote this reflection, I read again my reflection blog post on 2020. Then I found some 'continuing' themes that we perhaps didn't enjoy that much. Yes, we were still under the influence of the COVID most of 2021, although we had the... Continue Reading →

Reverse-engineer and change your life

In conventional life coaching, we usually coach a client to set up a goal, then design an action plan. This is followed by regular catch-up sessions to ensure that action plans are executed. If not, then we work with the client on improvements. After years of using this 'formula' in my coaching business, I found... Continue Reading →

It’s OK to be not OK

Key takeaways: - It's important to know that you are not OK. - It may be hard to get out of a vicious cycle of emotional stress. - Seek help if you are stuck. - Remember that it's OK to be not OK and learn to deal with it. I sometimes have people crying in... Continue Reading →

What’s your real business?

If I ask you: "what business is McDonald's in?" Then, I guess most people will say that McDonald's is in the fast food business; they sell burgers. Well, this is not entirely true. The most interesting thing I learned last year about finance and business was that a company can have a business that builds... Continue Reading →

Coaching your kids- Part IV: Discipline

Key takeaways: Discipline is essential for self-management;Disciplines are different from habits;Following disciplines requires training;After kids have grown up, they can self-discipline and achieve goals with ease. Based on my years of coaching experience, many issues we see in our lives can all boil down to one essential character: discipline. For adults, we follow disciplines that... Continue Reading →

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