Coaching for Industry Professionals

Do you enjoy work?

Do you balance work and family life?

Want to upgrade your life?

Coaching can help.

Coaching focus:

Your coaching plan is personalised for your unique circumstances. A typical coaching plan has the following elements but you may not need all of them:

  • Life & career exploration: Current status awareness (identify barriers to success/happiness)
  • Happiness: Explore paths to happiness (are you happy?)
  • Goal setting (setting up goals and action plans)
  • On-going performance review (managing and achieving goals)
  • Personal development (improving skills)
  • Networking and communication (improving communication skills)
  • Personal finance management (getting some sense on personal finance)
  • Health improvement (improving health and fitness), and 
  • Other ad hoc customised coaching sessions.

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If you are interested in coaching services, please contact me via the enquire form. You will receive a free one-hour consultation session with Dr. Wu to explore coaching options before committing to any coaching plans; no obligations at all for this free session. Each coaching plan is personalised to an individual client and is strictly confidential. Explore your path to a happier and more successful life with our Coaching Services.

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