Transformation Coaching

Are you doing well at work but feel like doing better and more?

Do you want to stop 9-to-5 life and run your own business?

Do you want to upgrade your life?

Transformation coaching is for you!

Coaching focus:

This Transformation Coaching is personalised for your unique circumstances. There are a few modules in this coaching plan but you may not need all of them:

  • Life & career exploration: Current status awareness and explore your dreams. You may want to up the game to a higher level, stop a 9-to-5 office life or start your own business. In this module, our coach will explore with you about possibilities.
  • Resources: Leverage your current resources from work and build a springboard for your next adventure. Our coach will teach you how to capitalised your current ‘assets’, expand your networks to provide resources for your transformation.
  • Goal setting: Setting up goals and action plans for your transformation with secured resources to fund your transformation without sacrificing your current life style.
  • On-going performance review (managing and achieving goals)
  • Networking and communication: Expand your professional and personal networks to build powerful relationships that can support and finance your transformation.
  • Personal finance management: Enhance your personal finance to another level by focusing on investing for the long term future and sustaining a comfortable retirement life style you desire!
  • Health improvement (improving health and fitness), and 
  • Other ad hoc customised coaching sessions.

Sign up for a free trial session!

If you are interested in this Transformation Coaching service, please contact me via the enquire form. You will receive a free one-hour consultation session with Dr. Wu to explore coaching options before committing to any coaching plans; no obligations at all for this free session. Each coaching plan is personalised to an individual client and is strictly confidential.

Explore your path to a happier and more fulfilling life with our Transformation Coaching service.

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