Coaching for Academics and Researchers

Do you work long hours and miss family time?

Are you overwhelmed by your research and teaching?

Do you want to publish more papers but work less? (yes, it’s possible!)

Coaching can help.

Coaching focus:

Your coaching plan is personalised for your unique circumstances by demand. As a researcher or an academic, you don’t need me to teach you how to do research. However, a coach can help you achieve the next level sooner with less efforts! Your coaching plan may include the following elements:

  • Exploration: identify barriers to performance and create a strategy for the future.
  • Goal setting: setting up goals and action plans, so teaching can be done and papers can be published on time.
  • On-going support: managing and achieving goals with your coach.
  • Personal development planning: improving time management skills and work efficiency by brain science.
  • Networking and communication: improving people skills and presentation skills; very helpful for collaborating with industry partners.
  • Mind your Health (!): minimising stress and maintaining mind-body balance for best work performance; and 
  • Other ad hoc customised coaching sessions.

Sign up for a free trial session!

Dr. Wu has worked in a world top-50 university for almost 20 years and is a highly experienced academic with lots of coaching experiences. If you are interested in academic coaching services, please contact me via the enquire form. You will receive a free one-hour consultation session with Dr. Wu to explore coaching options before committing to any coaching plans; no obligations at all for this free session. Each coaching plan is personalised to an individual client and is strictly confidential. Explore your path to a happier and more successful life with our Coaching Services.

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