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Happy New Year, my readers! ^_^

I met a few potential coaching clients online or in-person last year. Some thought that they could coach themselves, because they can find many coaching related materials freely available online. If this is something you’d like to try in 2023, then let’s make it a goal for this year.

I have a tool-book for you to follow: Coach Yourself to Lose Weight available in my eStore.

Perhaps weight loss is not your goal in this year. It’s still a good idea to learn self-coaching skills in a weight-loss context because this topic is so common around us. In this book, I explained why weight loss should be simple and easy. I also explained why many people eat the wrong foods for their life style. You may like to know these scientific knowledge about weight gain and food science so you know what to eat and how to eat. Through this book, you learn self-coaching skills at the end! ^_^

To show you my points in this book, I found some ‘popular’ weight control supplements in my local supermarket last week; see the photos below. (Please note: I don’t support or endorse these products and I don’t sell them.)

Do you know how they work for weight loss? Each product has slightly less calories (205 Cal) as a McDonalds’ cheese burger (250 Cal)! A consumer is supposed to use each pack to replace a meal and do this once or twice a day. This is the same as eating a McDonald’s cheese burger as a meal. If you multiply this ‘pack’ by 3 for the whole day, then your daily energy intake is about 600 Cal. Is that a lot? No, it’s very little!

A female office worker aged 35 (who has a weight of 50kgs) requires about 1,700 Cal (check the calculation from the Australian Government here). This means that if you use these products each day, then you actually take only half the required energy for an ordinary female office worker! By doing this for a period of time, then you can lose weight (because you technically eat less). The outcome is almost the same as you only eat three McDonald’s cheese burger each day and nothing else! That’s very little food, do you realise? ^_+ Morgan Spurlock at only McDonald’s for 90 days and he lost 17kgs!

This McDonald’s cheese burger is actually small! (photos from McDonald’s)

Weight loss is the most common issue I help my clients in life coaching. Yet, many people had the wrong impression about foods and weight loss/gain. Correct knowledge helps you eat well and be healthy. You can also help your family and friends on this topic. ^_^ I run a 50% discount on this eBook until end of February 2023. This is a AUD$200 value for AUD$12.50 this month only! You also get a free coaching session with the purchase of this book (worth $150).

If you think your loved ones, friends, colleagues or family can benefit from this eBook, then please purchase it as a gift for them! Hurry; the discount won’t last forever.

Dr. C. Richard Wu @ REEAConsulting.com

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