To Walk A Path That Cannot Be Tread Easily: Part 2

The past two months have flown by so quickly that it’s hard to make any sense of it. It never used to be like this. Time would always come to a standstill as a child, playing with the neighbour’s children or waiting for the school bell to ring. Cherished memories captured in brief moments ofContinue reading “To Walk A Path That Cannot Be Tread Easily: Part 2”

Compromise and Acceptance- Be realistic about your life

The most interesting question I’ve come across in my career as a world top 50 university professor was asked by a university freshman (first-year student). At the end of my lecture, he approached me and asked me: “Which job in the aviation industry has the highest pay?” Hmmm… I was surprised! Then I told theContinue reading “Compromise and Acceptance- Be realistic about your life”

Thank you for your coffee!

I just want to write a thank-you note for my readers. I have started a donation box for all my blog posts since last July and I am deeply grateful for the generosity and love of my readers ever since. Because of you, I have some money to buy my favourite coffee. Because of you,Continue reading “Thank you for your coffee!”


如果你認識我的話,你可能會知道我喜歡鐵人三項運動。我每個週末都會在美麗的曼利海灘(Manly Beach)進行海洋游泳訓練。我很高興能在滿是美麗的魚和海洋生物的海灘保護區游泳。如果你以前曾經在開放的海域浮潛或者潛水,你會知道這活動最大的危險不是鯊魚,而是洋流(當然啦,鯊魚也很危險,不過你被咬到的機會比中樂透還低!)。到了夏天,我會帶孩子去浮潛,孩子們非常的歡喜。但是如果你不注意洋流的話,就會發現自己很容易迷失方向,或是在浮出水面的時候才發現自己早己遠遠離開自己的船。這就是漂流。 為什麼有的人會在人生中漂流? 有些人認為計劃生活及人生是毫無意義的,因為人生很少會按照自己的計劃和預測去進行。因此,有些人在生活中出現什麼,就接受什麼。他們叫它:「隨緣」,或者是:「隨遇而安」、「隨波逐流」。這其實就是典型的人生漂流的例子,也是最不好的一種。 有些人漂流是因為他們不知道自己喜歡什麼,所以他們就選擇了一個自己可以勝任又能賺到錢的工作。他們不見得喜歡或熱愛這個工作,可是這個工作可以得到一份薪水,維持家計。於是,人生就這麼一直過了下去,不時也要感慨人生的不公平⋯⋯這是第二糟糕的情況。 有些人明明知道自己在人生及事業中漂流,但是不知道如何停止漂流。所以他們拼全力讓自己穩定下來:找一個穩定的工作,接受現況,以為他們的人生就是如此。儘管這種人還在漂流,但是這種“漂流”比前兩種好一點,因為他們知道他們必須改變。 假如你正在人生及事業中漂流的話,你最須要作的事情就是“浮出水面”,看看你自己漂到了什麼地方。 有的人漂流了好多年,卻全然不知,因為他們從來沒有“浮出水面”過。如果你突然間發現自己在事業和生活中漂浮不定,不知道未來的方向,不善歡現在的工作,也不滿意現在的人生,可是生活還是要過下去,帳單還是要付,那麼浮出水面對你而言將是一個全新的開始! 好好看一看自己和自己過去的漂流,也許你會發現自己到底想要什麼。你還有夢想尚未完成或者根本没開始過?還是,你想要作自己喜歡的工作,而不是為了一份薪水工作下去?還是,家庭的使命讓你不能作自己? 人生只有一次,你不能就這樣漂流下去。没有人的成功是靠「隨波逐流」而來的,這是不爭的事實。 在接下來的博文中,我將告訴你如何停止人生及事業的漂流,並且有目標地改變自己的人生。不管你現在的年齡,改變永遠不嫌晚。你的人生及事業還是充滿了機會及希望。讓我們一起加油。 Dr. C. Richard Wu @ 想要升級你的人生嗎?立刻參加瑞亞菁英指導服務!

Time is a powerful tool for your life- Part IV: Achieving your goal, one step at a time

Key takeaways: Any big projects can be broken down into many ‘bite-size’ pieces; Adding all the small pieces, then over time you can achieve big! Secret to success is to add small ‘Lego’ pieces together , one at a time; Over a period of time, you will reach the finish line. Any big projects canContinue reading “Time is a powerful tool for your life- Part IV: Achieving your goal, one step at a time”

Sometimes later becomes never

Key takeaways: Don’t wait for the ‘best moment’ to change; There is never a ‘best’ moment; It’s never too late to start, but at times, it may be just too late to physically win; Act now! It’s always interesting to have my first free consultation session with a potential coaching client. It’s like watching aContinue reading “Sometimes later becomes never”

Career with a purpose

  Key takeaways: – Find your purpose, but it takes time; – Purpose doesn’t always bring you money, but definitely bring you happiness; – Happy people achieve goals and definitely live the life fully; – Respect ‘the other half’ of you, because they are meant to ‘complete’ you! I teach in a world top-50 universityContinue reading “Career with a purpose”

It’s OK to be stuck in life

  key takeaways: – Being stuck in life forces you to find a way out. – It’s an opportunity to sit back and think when you are stuck. – You will be stuck for many times in your life, so get used to it. – Seek support from a mentor to find your way out.Continue reading “It’s OK to be stuck in life”

How to train yourself to finish an Ironman 70.3 (Part I: Can I do it?)

Key takeaways: – Motivation is essential for starting an Ironman training. – How fast you finish an Ironman race is not important; just have fun! – If a 77-year-old grandma can do it, then you can do it. Yes, you can, if I can! Ironman 70.3 is getting more popular due to its challenging distanceContinue reading “How to train yourself to finish an Ironman 70.3 (Part I: Can I do it?)”

Time to reflect before 2017 finishes

  It’s Christmas Eve today while I’m writing this blog. Kids are busy with Mom making biscuts for Santa and his crew to eat when they deliver kids’ presents tonight. I’m sitting in the lounge with a beer reflecting what I’ve achieved in 2017. Life couldn’t be any better than this. ^_^ In short, I’mContinue reading “Time to reflect before 2017 finishes”

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