REEA Aviation

REEA Aviation is led by a leading aviation professor, Dr. Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu. Dr. Wu has been working with the aviation industry for over twenty years and is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Aviation, UNSW Sydney in Australia (a world top-50 university). Dr. Wu is also a certified aviation trainer with IATA Training in the portfolio of Airports and Ground Operations.

REEA Aviation provides professional training and training course development for the industry. In aviation big data analytics training, Dr. Wu provided Python programming training to the Data team of the Velocity Frequent Flyer Program of Virgin Australia in April 2020. This big data analytics training course focused on:

  • Python programming language;
  • Numpy and Pandas for data processing;
  • Machine learning with Scikit-learn library and data visualisation;
  • PySpark big data modelling, and
  • TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence model building.

Dr. Wu also works with IATA Training and delivers professional aviation training courses in the portfolio of Airports and Ground Operations. Dr. Wu has delivered the following courses for IATA in the past 10 years since 2010, including:

  • Airport Strategic Planning and Management
  • Airport Operations
  • Advanced Airport Operations
  • Airport Master Planning

In late 2018, Dr. Wu delivered a training course, Airport Route Development and Commercial Management on behalf of IATA to the state-owned airport company, AngkasaPura Airports in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In aviation consultancy, REEA Aviation specialises in solving operations and scheduling problems of airlines and airports. These problems include:

  • passenger big data analytics and modelling
  • airline operations management
  • airline scheduling
  • airport terminal planning and airport retail development
  • passenger choice behaivour studies, and
  • advisory on airline/airport investment for investment funds and banks.

Many of our past projects helped industry partners save millions of dollars in operating costs or enhance product sales and revenues. The strong academic research background of REEA Aviation brings scientific insights and advanced understanding to the aviation industry.

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