Reea Consulting & Coaching Services

We provide the following services at REEA Consulting & Coaching Services:

  • Coaching services for academics and industry professionals.
  • Professional aviation training and training course development services.
  • Aviation consultancy in airline operations, airport operations and customer data analytics.

Our services have helped clients achieve their career goals sooner, save millions of operating costs in schedule planning, and boost product sales through airport retail simulations and understanding air passenger choice behaviours.

Contact us at ReeaConsulting(at) for service quotes and enquiries.

Blogs on Coaching & Performance

Looking for inspiration and ideas to boost your work performance? Let’s share some ideas and insights with the world and make a dent in the universe! ^_^  

Training and Consulting Services

REEA Consulting is led by a leading aviation professor, Dr. Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu. Dr. Wu has been working with the aviation industry for over twenty years and is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Aviation, UNSW Sydney (a world top-50 university). REEA Consulting provides professional training and training course development for the industry. … Continue reading Training and Consulting Services

Coaching Services

REEA Consulting provides two coaching services: coaching for academics and coaching for industry professionals.