FAQs About Coaching

Question #1 : Why do I need coaching?

Answer: Coaching helps you achieve goals sooner with less efforts. Consider your coach as your personal project manager and mentors who helps you on your life project.

Question #2: I know how to do my work. Why should I consider coaching?

Answer: Coaching does not help you do your work because the coach may not be the subject expert in your profession. Instead, a coach helps you improve your work knowledge and skills by creating a plan for you, so to keep you competitive in your career. Coaching helps create career opportunities for your future and upgrade your life.

Question #3: Only losers need help; I have a good job so I don’t need coaching.

Answer: This is the biggest misunderstanding about coaching! NO, coaching helps you improve so you can become the better version of yourself, no matter how successful you are now. All successful professionals have personal coaches from fitness coach, speech coach, publicity coach to work productivity coach. Some also hire specialised coaches such as public speaking coach.

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