Thank you for your coffee!

Donate a gold coin to my coffee fund
I can feel your love and generosity from you small donations. Appreciate it very much!

I just want to write a thank-you note for my readers. I have started a donation box for all my blog posts since last July and I am deeply grateful for the generosity and love of my readers ever since.

Because of you, I have some money to buy my favourite coffee.

Because of you, I could enjoy coffee while writing insightful and inspirational posts for you to read.

Because of you, I see the humanity that we all look for amid the COVID pandemic.

Because of you, I know people do care about quality posts and insightful coaching tips. I wrote my blog to assist my coaching clients but I am more than happy to share my tips with the world. And, people do care!

And, because of you, I enjoy my side-hassle a lot more; not because of money but purely because of you.

I haven’t made a fortune from the donation box, but I deeply appreciate the generosity of my readers. Thank you so much for your love and encouragement.

If you’d like to explore coaching with me, then don’t hesitate to contact me (I don’t bite and you have nothing to lose)! You can explore my philosophy of coaching by reading my blog posts first, or we can chat together in person or online. No obligations at all.

Love you all,

Dr. C. Richard

Donate a gold coin to my coffee fund

Donate a gold coin to my coffee fund!

Why not donate US$1 to my coffee fund, so I could buy a cup of coffee and write more posts for you to read? ^_^


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