Coaching Services

The outcome is for clients to achieve goals faster with more time to enjoy life with family.

Dr. C. Wu

REEA Coaching provides two personalised coaching services:

  • Coaching for academics: this service is specifically designed for academics and researchers including research students.
  • Coaching for industry professionals: this service is for professionals who work in the industry and want to go to the next level in their career and personal lives.

A typical coaching plan has a few key elements and you may not need all coaching elements. Your coaching plan is personalised for your unique circumstances by Dr. Wu. A coaching plan may have:

  • Current status awareness (identify barriers to success)
  • Goal setting (setting up goals and action plans)
  • On-going performance review (managing and achieving goals)
  • Personal development planning (improving skills)
  • Networking and communication (improving communication skills)
  • Personal finance management (getting some sense on personal finance)
  • Health improvement (improving health and fitness)
  • others.

If you are interested in coaching services, please contact me via the form. You will also receive a free one-hour consultation with Dr. Wu to explore coaching options for you before committing to any coaching plans. No obligations at all. Each coaching plan is personalised to an individual client and is strictly confidential. Explore your path to a happier and more successful life with our Coaching Services.