Exercise and Get Smarter!

Many of you know that I am a professor at UNSW Sydney. Many of you also know that I'm an Ironman tri-athlete. I finished Ironman race 3 times in the past 5 years. As a scientist, I'm always amazed how human body works and how amazing we can use our body to achieve seemingly impossible... Continue Reading →

Spending Time Alone After Dark

I always enjoy reading before bedtime. It can be 10 minutes and sometimes stretches to more than an hour. If my wife goes to bed around the same time as me, we also chat about many things we don't have time to discuss during the day. It is such a precious time that my wife... Continue Reading →

How to Land a Dream Job?

I occasionally help clients looking for a job or switching to a new position in my coaching services. I don't prioritise this service in my coaching services because 1) there are heaps of 'tips' on the Internet, and 2) each person's situation is different, so coaching for interviews or CV preparation needs to be customised... Continue Reading →

Small Win & Celebrate

All project managers know that the success of a big project is a compilation of small wins; when small tasks are done on time and well, you will achieve your goal on time. However, we tend to focus too much on big success and forget to celebrate our small wins. 90 km cycling and 10... Continue Reading →

Learn to Coach Yourself

Happy New Year, my readers! ^_^ I met a few potential coaching clients online or in-person last year. Some thought that they could coach themselves, because they can find many coaching related materials freely available online. If this is something you'd like to try in 2023, then let's make it a goal for this year.... Continue Reading →

Why don’t you change and upgrade to life v2.0?

(pic: what a lovely day @ Sydney Harbour) You must have come across many 'chicken soups' through social media. They are great, informative and persuasive, but have you adopted them; any of them? If you have effectively adopted some of them, then your life, career or health will definite improve. No doubt. I spent the... Continue Reading →

My first blog

Hello World! This officially opened my first blog on REEA Consulting site. More good stuff to come soon. ^_< Dr. C. Richard Wu

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