Why I still like in-person communication

One thing we have all got more used to since COVID is the convenience of communication through the Internet. We use all sorts of online meeting platforms. I have used Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Teams and Facetime. I joined numerous virtual online seminars that I wouldn't have joined if it was not online. I even... Continue Reading →

Procrastination and How to Stop it with Science

Do you procrastinate? In my life coaching experience, the #1 top reason why people cannot perform is not about capability. You can easily improve your skills and knowledge by studying. The #1 top reason why people cannot perform is that people procrastinate! Procrastination is endemic in the human population. So, if you procrastinate, then don't... Continue Reading →

A monster in your brain

I met a girl in December 2018 mid-way on her journey to cycle from Brisbane to Sydney (about 1,000kms). A very tough journey for her and I was pretty sure she had been fighting her monster in her brain along the Pacific Highway to Sydney! Key takeaways: Negative talks to yourself is a default function... Continue Reading →

Your mindset determines your life

Key takeaways: - "I don't perform because of others."- this is your worst enemy in your life. - Blaming someone else is a lot easier to explain own failure. - Human brain likes to pick a scapegoat, so you keep comforting yourself; self-comforting. - It's not that people don't mind your behaviour. It's that people... Continue Reading →

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