Mental health special

In the past two months, I've spoken to almost all my industry research partners and all of my coaching clients. Some were in a 'lock-down' situation (like me), while others were freer with less travel restrictions. All my research partners are in the aviation industry. With the hit of COVID, none of them are doing... Continue Reading →

It’s OK to be not OK

Key takeaways: - It's important to know that you are not OK. - It may be hard to get out of a vicious cycle of emotional stress. - Seek help if you are stuck. - Remember that it's OK to be not OK and learn to deal with it. I sometimes have people crying in... Continue Reading →

Happy wife, happy life

Bring some flowers on your way home for your wife or partner and supercharge your relationship and happiness. Key takeaways: Relationships at home affect your performance at work;Your social life also affects your performance at work;Poor performance and productivity at work can be improved by better social relationships. I have never seen a high-performing person... Continue Reading →

Fix my busy life please

Key takeaways: - you can fix your life the way you want, if you are willing to try; - what works for other people may not work for you; - keen to try new ideas and experiment on yourself; - if you can't change people around you, then change yourself. In my trip last month,... Continue Reading →

Career with a purpose

  Key takeaways: - Find your purpose, but it takes time; - Purpose doesn't always bring you money, but definitely bring you happiness; - Happy people achieve goals and definitely live the life fully; - Respect 'the other half' of you, because they are meant to 'complete' you! I teach in a world top-50 university... Continue Reading →

Do you sleep well? (part III)

  Key takeaways: - Foods (especially caffeine, alcohol and carb) affect your sleep quality; - Relaxation before bed time improves sleep quality: - Bed-time routine helps you sleep; - Take sleep seriously and cure yourself by sleeping. I don't want to pretend that I'm an expert in sleep research. So, I am going to blog... Continue Reading →

Do you sleep well? (Part II)

Say Hi to your work. To be productive, you need to be happy. To be happy, you must sleep well. Key takeaways: - Being gritty is good but need to have good health to be gritty; - Sleep quality affects work performance, moods and relationships; - Productivity starts at 10pm the night before, not 9am... Continue Reading →

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