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In the past two months, I’ve spoken to almost all my industry research partners and all of my coaching clients. Some were in a ‘lock-down’ situation (like me), while others were freer with less travel restrictions. All my research partners are in the aviation industry. With the hit of COVID, none of them are doing well; some are on the brink of bankruptcy. All my research funding disappeared overnight in March 2020 and I don’t think they are coming back soon.

I don’t feel OK and I don’t want to pretend that I’m OK.

A walk in the Weston Park in Canberra, April 2021.

I can’t change the situation and the only thing I can do is to focus on my paper writing and finish my current projects. With Sydney being ‘lock-down’ since early July, at times, I did find myself in a dark place. That’s not because of COVID, but perhaps because of the huge uncertainties the aviation industry faces and the restriction to interact with other people. I wonder whether my job will still be there for me in 2022.

While listening on Spotify, I bumped into the album ‘A Head Full of Dreams‘ by Coldplay. While working and listening to the songs in that album, I almost cried several times. I stopped work and brought kids out to kick soccer before sunset. Upon return and preparing dinner, I listened to the song, ‘Amazing Day’. Yes, I just had an amazing day with my two beautiful children. I have a job I love and I have a beautiful family.

While listening to the song, I cried. Yes, I did.

It was a good feeling to release something which I was not sure what that was. Perhaps pressure, perhaps stress, perhaps hopelessness, or perhaps something I didn’t want. In return, I gained hope and courage to keep going. It was an amazing day and it will be tomorrow, too!

It was such a beautiful day kayaking with my son. Nothing is better than this.

I copied the lyric of the song here and shared with you. May this mental health special blog post inspires you and bring you some peace to your mind. Sit back, enjoy your drink and enjoy the moment of peace. The album, ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ is a great companion for boosting mental health.

It was an amazing day today and it will be another amazing day tomorrow. I’m pretty sure about this.

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(Enjoy the special MV of this song by the Global Film Project. According to Coldplay: On November 19, 2016 – the day that Coldplay performed at the Global Citizen Festival in Mumbai – we asked you to show us what was happening in your corner of the world. Many thousands of you uploaded your footage to Instagram, from across the planet. The results have now been brought together to make this film.)

Amazing Day (by Coldplay)
We sat on a roof
Named every star
Shared every bruise and
Showed every scar
Hope has its proof
Your hand in mine, singing
Life has a beautiful, crazy design
And time seemed to say
Forget the world and its weight
And here I just want to stay
Amazing day
Amazing day
We sat on a roof
Named every star and
You showed me a place
Where you can be what you are
And the view
The whole Milky Way
In your eyes
I drifted away
And in your arms
I just want to sway
Amazing day
Amazing day
Amazing day
Amazing day
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh
, oh-oh-oh-oh
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, ooh
And I asked can the birds in poetry chime?
Can there be breaks in the chaos of the times?
Oh, thanks God
Must have heard when I prayed
‘Cause now I always want to feel this way
Amazing day
Amazing day
Amazing day
Amazing day
Yeah, today

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Mikkel Eriksen / Tor Hermansen / Guy Berryman / Will Champion / Chris Martin / Johnny Buckland
Amazing Day lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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