Coaching- Life Exploration Starter


You will get a 1-hr free trial coaching session with Dr. Wu to try our coaching service. This is followed by a 1-hr intensive session to explore your life and career opportunities. Let’s discovery your potential and opportunities and upgrade your life with this starter coaching package.


If you are new to coaching, then this is the ideal plan to try coaching! You will get:

Coaching style: You will have two 1-hr one-on-one coaching session (in person or online, if you are not in Sydney) with Dr. Wu.

  • A free first 1-hr session: this allows you to know how my coaching philosophy and allows me to know your coaching needs. You can then decide whether you want to continue coaching or not. No obligation at all. If you decide not to continue, then your sign-up fee will be refunded.
  • Exploring barriers to success & happiness: we will dive deep into your life (work, family and health) and identify barriers that stop you from success and happiness in this one-hour intensive session.


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