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      1. Hi Elvisteg,
        I wrote the series of posts earlier this year. So you can check Part II, III and IV in my blog now. Here is the link for Part II: Spend less; I shall write more in the coming weeks. Money is an important matter for everyone but I’ve found that most people actually don’t know how to manage money and wealth. Enjoy my blog and you are encouraged to share my posts! ^_^

  1. Agree 100% with your point of improving life quality with money. I used to be very stingy before and unknowingly unhappy. But now I’ve changed my mindset, if I can afford it and it will give me happiness, then all for it!
    But saving and investing is still very important!

  2. For a bit part of my adult life I was like your daughter. Spent money as soon as I got it then nothing for weeks. It’s no way to live!

      1. Hi Tino,
        I’ve many coaching clients living like that. It’s perhaps OK when you are in 20s but not OK when you have a family. Children mostly learn their spending habits from parents. Wonder whether you’d like to explore coaching? ^_^ Coaching on personal finance is usually a bonus for my clients but I also provide this service as stand-alone coaching. After all, I’ve never seen a successful person who has bad financial habits (although some do go bankrupted in business; that’s a different matter). Appreicate your comments, Tino. Check my other posts on personal finance. I will publish an e-book on personal finance soon.

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