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I officially launched my online store yesterday! It’s a big milestone in my life and I’m proud of it.

3 Years ago, I realised that I truely loved teaching, education and coaching people. On top of that, I also enjoy doing research. So, indeed, I’m doing the job that I have passion with right now. So nice! ^_^ While enjoying teaching students in the university, I thought that I’d expand that to coach people in the industry. Running this coaching business as a side-hustle is not easy because my day job is demanding and I also have a young family; kids are so demanding! >_<

I needed a strategy to achieve my goals, so I created a 5-year plan for myself.

I need a strategy for my side-hustle and failure is not an option! ^_^

I set up a blog with minimum expanses and started creating contents 3 years ago. My strategy was to spend the first 3 years to generate quality coaching contents in my blog. Then when I have got enough contents and audience, then I will convert some contents into online courses, training materials, and ebooks. I planned to publish my first product in the 4th year in my 5-year plan. And, I just did it on time. Hooray!!!

The first product to you is an eBook: Coach Yourself to Lose Weight. This is NOT a free eBook, but if you buy me a cup of coffee (AUD$5) and support me, then you will be able to download this eBook. You will also have two discount coupons included in the book for personal coaching sessions with me!

You may think: “Come on! There are so many free ebooks out there. Why should I buy your book?” Let me tell you my philosophy.

There are many “free” eBooks out there about weight loss. They give you free stuff so you can give them your email address. They all want to have your email address for marketing purposes, so they can sell you expensive and fancy stuff thru emails later; yes, they will quickly bombard your emailbox with emails (and I think you know it!).

My father used to tell me: “there is no free lunch. if there is one, then there is a reason why!” (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

I don’t do this. If you want scientifically good knowledge, practical action plans for ordinary people (like you and me), then this eBook will be your bible to lose weight. I also know that some of you like to coach yourself and self-help. Good! I wrote this book exactly for you, so you can coach yourself to lose weight. Simple, informative and no fuss. This is my philosophy. Now you know why this ebook is not free.

In this book, I will show you why you may gain weight. It’s often NOT about your diet, but more about how you eat and how you burn calories. If you think that eating McDonald’s will make you fat, then you are wrong! Read this book and see why it is a wrong perception with scientific proof! I’m a scientist, so I only provide scientifically proven knowledge in this book.

There is too much rubbish and misleading information on the Internet about weight loss.I didn’t notice this until the first time I coached my client to control her weight. Many people have wrong knowledge about weight gain/loss. Many people (in fact, most people) look for a magic pill to eat, to drink or to buy, so they can lose weight overnight! I found it bizarre and can’t believe it. I then realised that many people got those knowledge from the Internet. OK,….. this is why.

Not all information on the Internet is impartial and correct. Think before you act. (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Those people gave you partial or even mis-information, so you will buy their weight-loss products. Partial and mis-information creates wrong perception and knowledge, leading people to believe that they gain fat because they eat McDonald’s last week! No, no, no…. Most people gain weight because they don’t burn enough; almost nothing to do with what you eat! In my book, I gave you two real-life scientific experiments. One guy used himself to prove that eating ONLY McDonald’s for 90 days will NOT gain weight. In fact, he lost 19kgs after 90 days! What??? Really???

Surprised? If you are, then it means you don’t know the true reason why a person can gain weight. Buy me a cup of coffee and read my book! ^_<

I will also provide you in this book with an action plan about what you should eat, how you should eat and how to lose weight. Taking actions is essential for weight loss and I want you to be successful. Let me show you how to successful coach yourself and achieve your weight loss goal. You will learn self-coaching skills, test them on yourself and lose weight. How nice! ^_<

Believe in yourself and coach yourself to success! Yes, you can!

If this book is not enough for you or you still can’t lose enough weight, then you are welcome to sign up a special Weight Loss Coaching Express workshop. I will provide you with an one-on-one coaching session to boost your chance and confidence of losing weight. A great companion for this book!

As a token of my gratitude for buying this eBook, flip to the last page of this book and use a coupon for discount on the Weight Loss Coaching Express session. For my coaching clients and my blog donors, you can claim a coupon from me for free download of my ebook! Contact me and I will email you the coupon. You can also gift that ebook to your friends, if you think they may benefit. Share with your loved ones and friends. ^_+

(Please Note: I did NOT take any sponsorships for writing this ebook and I don’t sell weight loss products in this book, either. I genuinely want to assist my clients and the general public to gain correct knowledge and improve health. I’m neutral. 😊)

Dr. C. Richard Wu @

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