100 Blog Posts!

I published my first blog post on this web site on 12 Feb, 2017. I just wrote my 100th post last week! Hurray!

I am not sure how many words I’ve written so far. A rough calculation is about 700 words per post. Then, I’ve just done about 70,000 words for 100 posts. That sounds quite something, but how many is that?

Do you read JK Rowling’s Harry Potter? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stones has 79,944 words according to Wordcounter.net. It means that I’ve just wrote a “book” that’s about the size of JK Rowling’s first novel on Harry Potter! Wow…..

Persistence does pay off; just a matter of time.

It has been three years since I launched my web site and my blog. I have been persistently writing my blog for fun and also for my coaching and consulting business. I’d like to say a big thank you for all my followers and blog subscribers.

Thank you for reading my posts and providing me with comments. I hope my blog has brought positive influence to your lives. I also like to thank those people who generously donated to my Coffee Fund. Thanks for your generosity and your coffee! ^_^ Super nice.

Thank you for your donation to my Coffee Fund. People are generous! Super awesome! ^_<

What’s the plan next? Hmmm…. let me think.

I will start publishing coaching books and self-help tools on this web site. That was my original plan I had in the beginning of building my company and this web site; this plan is still the same and now I’ve almost achieved my goal I set up in Feb 2017!

Then, I will open my online store and focus more on my coaching, training and consulting services. I have another 2 years to turn this side-hustle into a $-making business. Then, I will achieve a milestone in my career! So, make sure you come back and visit my site often. Also welcome to visit my Facebook Page and LinkedIn page.

Finally, if you are interested in writing a guest post in my blog, then please contact me. Guest bloggers welcome!

Dr. C. Richard Wu @ REEAConsulting.com

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