Coaching your kids- Part V: Self-driven kids

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our university has switched to online teaching and learning since late March 2020. Many people say that the young generation, in particular those who was born after 2000, grew up with digital gadgets and they have adapted to the digital life, almost naturally. If that's the case, then I'd think... Continue Reading →

Coaching your kids- Part IV: Discipline

Key takeaways: Discipline is essential for self-management;Disciplines are different from habits;Following disciplines requires training;After kids have grown up, they can self-discipline and achieve goals with ease. Based on my years of coaching experience, many issues we see in our lives can all boil down to one essential character: discipline. For adults, we follow disciplines that... Continue Reading →

Coaching your kids- Part III: Patience

Key takeaways: Patience is one of the most essential elements to success;Patience requires training and coaching;Most things take time to develop:We have a life time to work on many things. During the last School Holiday in July, I brought my son to a nearby place for fishing. That was the first time he tried fishing... Continue Reading →

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