Time is a powerful tool for your life- Part IV: Achieving your goal, one step at a time

Key takeaways:

  • Any big projects can be broken down into many ‘bite-size’ pieces;
  • Adding all the small pieces, then over time you can achieve big!
  • Secret to success is to add small ‘Lego’ pieces together , one at a time;
  • Over a period of time, you will reach the finish line.

Any big projects can be broken down into many ‘bite-size’ pieces. If you want to finish the big project, then all you need to do is to ‘chew’ each ‘bite-size’ piece, one at a time. Then over a period of time, you will finish a big project! The secret of achieving your goal is ‘time’ and ‘grit’!

US swimmer Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Florida in 2013. One stroke at a time, Diana spent 53 hours to reach Florida. Time and grit! (Photo credit: ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/GettyImages)

Suppose you want to set up an on-line business and you give yourself 3 years to explore this idea with a $10K budget. Meanwhile, you have a full-time 9-to-5 job and it keeps you busy on weekdays. Suppose that you spend 30 mins each Sunday to explore this idea and do something. Then over that 3-year period of time, you would have 78 hours to spend on exploring this idea. That’s equivalent to almost two-week full time working on this project.

Further, if you spend a little bit more time, say 1hr on this idea every week instead of 30 mins, then you would double the amount of time you can have over 3 yrs: you just got yourself 4 weeks full time on this idea! I believe you can achieve something significant by the end of 3 years. Time adds up and from little things, big things grow!

Can you cycle 1,200km from Brisbane to Sydney? Yes, just one km a time. Over days, you will reach Sydney!

If you read two pages of a book each day when you commute, then you would be able to finish a 200-page book in 100 working days (that’s about 5 months). If you use that time to learn a new skill that can improve your employment opportunity, then over the same period of time, you may finish some on-line courses or training. Adding those courses together over two years, then you would possibly just earn yourself a Master’s degree by spending 30 mins each working day! Isn’t it amazing? Yes, I think so.

Can you find that 30 minutes? Yes, you can! Perhaps by watching less YouTube, less Netflix, less Facebook or Instagram. By spending your time on something that is important (for your life), you can achieve your goals in no time before you realise it. Time is a powerful thing and we all have the same amount of time each day, but it brings different outcomes to everyone. Isn’t it amazing?

If you spend that 30 mins commuting time on improving your skills, then you could gain certificates or even degrees with part-time learning.

The reason why some people can achieve goals and some can’t is subtle. It all boils down to how gritty you are managing yourself. I coach my clients to chew ‘bite-size’ tasks with a clear goal plan. In no time, my clients have achieved something they couldn’t believe they could. The secret? Well, just one step at a time with a clear goal and you will reach the finish line with glory! Of course, you need to have a good coach along your wonderful journey!

Time isn’t the problem. YOU ARE! If you don’t want to live a so-so life, then do something and help yourself.

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