Challenge yourself- Part I- Why should I challenge myself?


(A bike is good only when you use it for a good reason.)

A few quick answers:

1. Keep your brain happy: when you face a challenge, then you will use your brain. The more you use it, the ‘happier’ your brain becomes.

2. ‘Doping’ for your brain: after a physical challenge, your brain will release endorphins. This makes your brain happy (so you are happy too).

3. So so life is boring: you only live once, so why not make it awesome? If you will only go to Paris once in your life, then I bet you will do a great planning. Why not do the same thing to your life?

4. Test your limit: can you run 10K, half marathon or a full marathon? If you never try, you will never know your limit.

5. Keep a growth mindset: if you challenge yourself in own life, then it’s likely that you will challenge yourself at work. This growth mindset helps your career and your life!

Dr. C. Richard Wu @ REEA Consulting.



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