Stop drifting in you life and career- why are you drifting? (Part II)


(A lone swimmer in the open water: Often you need to surface before you can tell whether you have been drifting; picture was sourced from B&B blog.)

If you know me, you will know that I am a triathlete. I do ocean swimming training every weekend at Manly Beach and I’m so grateful to swim at such a beautiful beach reserve that is full of beautiful fish and sea creatures. During the summer season, I would also bring my kids there to do some snorkelling and kids love it.

If you have snorkelled in an open water (or scuba diving) before, you will know that the biggest danger in snorkelling and diving is not sharks (of course, they are scary!) but ocean currents. If you don’t pay attention to currents, then you will find yourself lost or far away from your boat after ‘emerging’ from the ocean to the surface. This is drifting.

Many of my clients and even my students had drifted for some years in their lives without knowing, because they never ‘surfaced’ and were not aware of being drifting. Then, why are you drifting and do you know that you have been drifting?

Some people believe that it’s pointless to ‘plan’ your life because it doesn’t play out the way you want it to be, so they accept whatever ‘shows up’ in their lives. This is a classic drifting example; the worst case. Some drift because they don’t know what they like to do, so they do whatever job they can find and choose the one that pays the best. This is the second worst. Some drift but they know they are drifting. Since they don’t know how to get out of drifting by themselves, so they struggle (and try their best) to not drift as much. Still they drift, but this is a ‘better’ drift.

If, all of a sudden, you realise that you are drifting in your life or career, then it’s a great news because you have now finally surfaced. Take a good look around you and your path of drifting in the past. Let me show you how to get out of drifting and take the course you like with a purpose in your life and career.

Dr. C. Richard Wu @ REEA Consulting.

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