Your mindset determines your life

Key takeaways: - "I don't perform because of others."- this is your worst enemy in your life. - Blaming someone else is a lot easier to explain own failure. - Human brain likes to pick a scapegoat, so you keep comforting yourself; self-comforting. - It's not that people don't mind your behaviour. It's that people... Continue Reading →

Habits- Part I (Room 1005)

Key takeaways: - Habits form routines and routines make life easier; - Life is easier because your brain is free from making trivial decisions! - Habits free you from trivial decisions so you can focus on important jobs; - Forming good habits improves your life quality and work productivity. I sometimes work overseas for research,... Continue Reading →

Do you sleep well? (Part II)

Say Hi to your work. To be productive, you need to be happy. To be happy, you must sleep well. Key takeaways: - Being gritty is good but need to have good health to be gritty; - Sleep quality affects work performance, moods and relationships; - Productivity starts at 10pm the night before, not 9am... Continue Reading →

Be yourself and be proud

Key takeaways: - No one is perfect so don't pretend that you are; - Be true to yourself and be proud of it; - Turn your imperfectness into your strength; - Be yourself and present yourself that way. I have been coaching a young researcher for some time and she is at the stage of... Continue Reading →

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