The Pursuit of Happiness & the Struggle

Such a relaxing shopfront of this B&B.

Key takeaways:
create the life you desire;
floating in your life is not getting you anywhere;
– pursue happiness so you know who you are;
– we only live once, so make sure you are happy most of the time.

On a family trip to southern Taiwan earlier this year, we came across a local B&B in a small village. The building itself had been well-maintained and had preserved the delicacy of local building styles of southern Taiwan. We spent three nights there and enjoyed our stay very much.

In a casual chat with the owner, I learned that she moved to this local village a few years ago in pursuit of her happiness. She used to live overseas and had a good job in a big city. While being a while-collar professional, she was not happy because she knew, deep down at the bottom of her heart, she wanted to do something about arts.

She gave up her job overseas and returned to southern Taiwan in the pursuit of her dream. She landed on making cookies and she had done it well by the time I met her with a small business selling hand-made cookies and wedding catering.

Things didn’t come easily. She struggled hard over the past few years and doubted herself through the journey for many times. She said: “It is hard to learn making cookies and wedding cakes from scratch, but I love doing it. I am happy and it makes all efforts worthwhile.”

While sitting in the courtyard and enjoying my afternoon coffee, I wonder what the true meaning is for most of us struggling so hard to climb the corporate ladder. Do we want to make more money or do we do our jobs because we are happy doing it? Can we live with less and be happy? If the meaning of making money is to spend it and be happy, then most of us are doing it wrong. We stressed out in order to make more money, then we spend money on holidays and think that this is why we make money. Then, we are happy during our holidays; holidays only.

If we only live once, then we should think very hard on the question of pursuing happiness. I’d like to transform my career in the coming ten years, so I can move to a lovely place where I enjoy doing what I love and be happy. That’s my goal and I’m heading towards it. Will be there soon. ^_<

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