It’s OK to be stuck in life

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key takeaways:
– Being stuck in life forces you to find a way out.
– It’s an opportunity to sit back and think when you are stuck.
– You will be stuck for many times in your life, so get used to it.
– Seek support from a mentor to find your way out.

A student knocked on my door and asked for help. She was a talented young student but seemed to be lost at the time she came to me. She had lost her passion in research, although she was extremely talented.

After chatting with her over coffee, I realised that she was lost because she couldn’t find her next goal. After finishing a major project last month, she had been looking for her next goal but couldn’t find a good one. This drove her anxious, if not crazy.

She was stuck and deeply stuck in her young life. In fact, she was not stuck but needed a goal in life. Goal setting is not as complex as most people imagine. So I taught the young lady how to set up her goals for the coming months, while spending some time to think about longer-term goals that she could pursue.

We commonly see people spending their time day by day without clear goals. Some people simply fill up their lives with tasks, so they seem to be busy. Some people may realise this and start questioning how they could get out of it and pursue a better life.

Being stuck in life is a good thing. In fact, it is the best gift you can expect from your life because it forces you to stop and think. If you don’t stop, you will be stuck for longer without knowing. If you stop but don’t think, then most people try to ignore this issue and force themselves to go on; then they start ‘drifting’ in their lives without a direction. If you stop and think and even struggle to figure it out, then you are doing well. It means you know you need help and you need to change to make your life better; drifting will never bring you to success.

Take this opportunity to change and you will thank yourself for doing the right thing. Seek support from a mentor or a coach and you will figure your way out quicker with a strong plan to move on in your life. You are not alone.

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