Enhancing your work performance by eating?


Isn’t it wonderful that you can enhance your work performance by eating? ^_< Nice, but you must eat the right foods at the right time.

Perhaps you have noticed that sometimes you get ‘tired’ after eating a meal or even a snack. We normally eat three meals a day and perhaps a few snacks along the day. During and after eating, your brain sends signals to your body and ‘tells’ it to start digesting the foods that you eat. Then, your body starts consuming energy to digest foods by concentrating more blood around your stomach.

If your diet is full of ‘delicate foods’, then your body will respond quickly, resulting in a spike of high blood sugar level. This is when you start feeling ‘tired’. What are those ‘delicate’ foods? They are commonly made of finely processed sugar (white sugar) and white flour and are often (well almost always) lack of green vegetables and fibre.

On last Friday, I had a big breakfast as usual after my morning run. The only difference for that breakfast was that I ate two delicious hot-cross buns that were sweet with raisins and were made of white flour. Of course, I was happy with my breakfast, but quickly I felt the consequences: in the following two hours on that Friday morning, I was ‘tired’. Just like a well-fed lion that needs to digest a full stomach of foods! You must have seen that on TV!

My performance at work on that Friday was poor. I couldn’t concentrate and couldn’t write the paper I originally planned to do due to the spike of blood sugar in my body. I knew it but ….. after all, I am just a human and who doesn’t like nice and delicious foods? To improve your work performance, your are better off eating those ‘low-GI’ foods that release energy (blood sugar) slowly over a few hours. These foods include vegetables and fruits, whole grain bread, brown rice and high-fibre muesli.

So you want to enhance your work performance? Start from what you eat in the morning and during the day because your diet matters and they affect how your brain functions during the day.

(picture credit: https://icook.tw/recipes/147417)

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