Secret to success: you need a good coach for your career and life!


(pic sourced from Upset Nick Kyrgios)

During the Australian summer, I always enjoy watching the Australian Open with beer. I learned something last night after watching Nick Kyrgios lost his match after a long five-set battle.

After winning the first two sets, Nick Kyrgios lost the following three sets. He ended up losing his ticket to the third round of the Australian Open. Along his long match and in the last three sets, we saw him losing his patience and also losing his control over tennis.

In the press conference after match, he admitted that he had ‘poor management’ of his off-season life and still has injury from playing ‘too much basketball’. What? A world-ranking 14th professional tennis player would say so about himself? Surprising, uh? I know, because I was very surprised. Then he also admitted that: “I don’t think there’s anyone in the (tennis) top 100 without a coach apart from me, so that needs to change.”

So you didn’t have a coach, Kyrgios?

After his match and press conference, I learned two things: first, Kyrgios is so so talented because he can play up to world no. 14 without a professional tennis coach. Second, no matter how talented you are, you still need a coach to drive your career or study. If a world no. 14 cannot manage his career well enough without a coach, then how well can you do about your career?

This is the biggest reason why my clients approach me and ask for coaching on their  academic or professional aviation career. A good mentor can show you the way to leverage your strength and achieve your goals quicker and easier. Contact me, if you want to improve your career while enjoying the fun in life.

Dr. C. Richard Wu

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  1. I have been touched by the coaching story about Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg since 2014 although my favorite player is still Tim Henman. ^^

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