Celebrate your achievements and enjoy life



(Pic: a snapshot of my mileage back in February 2017)

We all know that people tend to perform better when they are offered rewards. These can be as small as a toy for a kid or as nice as an iPhone 7 for yourself (don’t you want this? ^_^). When was the last time you rewarded yourself because you achieved something?

While we grow and get deeply into the rhythm of work, many of us forgot to reward ourselves. I realised this a couple of years ago and decided that I must change myself and reward myself! Many of you may know that I am a triathlete. Last month, my ocean swim milage reached my career-high of 200km. This sounds awesome and I ranked among all swimmers around the 580th (meaning that there are quite some people having more mileage than I do!).

On that day I reached 200km, I celebrated with my fellow gang of swimmers in a small local cafe and I truly enjoyed that breakfast. That ‘reward’ and friendship from swimming gets me going and going and I will celebrate again when I reach 300km; probably sometime in June this year.

I did three Sprint Triathlon (1km swim, 20km bike and 5k run) this summer and my family accompanied me through my races. I didn’t win any race, but I enjoyed such an ‘exercise’ and happy to see that my family also enjoyed the day out. We celebrated after each triathlon race at different restaurants including Thai, Korean and of course, Chinese.

Go on and celebrate and reward yourself because you publish a paper, because you lose weight, because you finish a project for company (and save millions!) or because any of your achievements. Remember to enjoy your life and celebrate with your close friends and family. Through celebration, you re-energise yourself to keep going.

Talent doesn’t win eventually in life, but if you keep going, then you will win eventually. This is for sure.

Dr. C. Richard Wu @ REEAConsulting

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