Why don’t you change and upgrade to life v2.0?

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You must have come across many ‘chicken soups’ through social media. They are great, informative and persuasive, but have you adopted them; any of them? If you have effectively adopted some of them, then your life, career or health will definite improve. No doubt.

I spent the last week in the hospital to take care of my ageing father. I was afraid that it could be the last time we could spend time together, so I took leave and spent time with my Dad. Dad was a smoker for almost 30 years, so he developed a syndrome called COPD. In plain English, the filter (lung) of my Dad’s body is dirty (and it can’t be cleaned), so the amount of air the lung can handle is now only 30% of the full capacity.

Did my Dad know he will come to this one day during the smoking days? Yes, he did. Did he do something to quit smoking? No really, until things got bad five years ago. Then, why not? Why didn’t he take actions earlier?

I have no answers, but I have seen similar things happening to people around me including my fiends, colleagues, students and even my clients. Knowing something is one thing, but actually doing it is often another. Knowing that you haven’t spent enough time with family, then why don’t you spend more? Knowing that you are over-weight, then why don’t you manage your diet and exercise?

One thing I am pretty sure is that I also have friends and clients who took actions. The difference between the two groups of people is that those people who took actions have upgraded their lives to life v2.0 and enjoy the benefits. Those who know things but never take actions, are still stuck in life v1.0 and they still don’t know what they have missed in their lives.

Why don’t you change and upgrade to life v2.0?

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