How to be competitive in the modern workplace? Part III


(Pic: #246 heading for 1KM swim to start his sprint triathlon race)

Change is scary and our human brains are ‘naturally designed’ to avoid change because change means danger in the wild.

In order to become competitive, you must look like ‘competitive’ first. If the suit you wear is already more than 3 years old, take my advise: get a new one. Your appearance affects your mood and that’s also how the world ‘sees’ you! It’s bloody important, although we have been taught that “don’t judge a person from his/her appearance” since we were kids. Sorry, this doesn’t apply at the workplace. First impression matters and it matters a lot!

Dress ‘smart’ is important for most workplaces because you feel good and also your colleagues feel good about you, too. Don’t you like to have a few handsome and pretty men and ladies in your office? ^_< By ‘dressing smart’, I didn’t mean that you must wear designer clothes (such as Boss or Alexander McQueen), or carry an expensive handbag (such as a LV). They don’t make you look smart.

I asked a fashion stylist to buy new suits for my client, Mr. G. (not real name), some weeks ago; with his current workplace ‘fashion’, he looks like living in the 90s, although it’s 2017! Now, he looks more like living in 2017; he is more confident and charming than
before. He was so ‘scared’ to change his own style in the beginning, because he didn’t think that was him. After some time, he gets used to this new style and he likes it. He is now happier and he told me that his colleagues are also happier to work with him now.

You didn’t know the way you dress yourself can affect your career, did you?

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