How to be competitive in the modern workplace?


(pic: advises from my 10-yo daughter; well said!)

Back in the 90s, information flowed ‘slowly’ through news papers, TV programmes, magazines. Many of those were not easily
available or with a cost; internet only really took off in mid 90s. Back at that time, if one wanted to be competitive, he only needed to be a little
‘ahead’ of others, then others would ‘follow’ him.

Fast forward the clock to 2017: information flows so fast that one Asiana’s aircraft crashed at San Francisco in 2013 was on Facebook
in 12 seconds. How does this affect you (or benefit you, think it the other way)? No, you don’t benefit your career by
knowing that crash sooner than others. You can only be competitive, if you know more and in fact, deeper than others on your specialised subject.

Be honest, all you know is perhaps also known by your competitors. I’m not talking about companies (because many ‘things’ are
protected by patents); I’m talking about you as a person in the modern world. You can learn those ‘chicken soups’ from
Facebook or LinkedIn, but they won’t turn into your competitive advantage because your colleagues and
others in the world must have also read them.

Interestingly and strangely enough, although people ‘know’ things, the vast majority of people can’t execute or follow those
things to improve their lives. For example, you know regular light exercises are good for your health and general well being, but do you do it?
How much ‘light exercises’ such as walking have you done this week?

Those who are competitive in the modern world are no longer those who know the most or the fastest; they are those who know how to take
actions to improve their competitiveness. Are you competitive at your workplace? I can show you how.

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