Fix my busy life please

Key takeaways: - you can fix your life the way you want, if you are willing to try; - what works for other people may not work for you; - keen to try new ideas and experiment on yourself; - if you can't change people around you, then change yourself. In my trip last month,... Continue Reading →

Do you sleep well? (part IV)

Key takeaways: - Sleeping routines can be broken for many reasons and this is normal; - Getting back to sleeping routines require some efforts; - It's OK to have events that break routines; - It may be an opportunity to form new routines when you are trying to fix broken routines. I just spent two... Continue Reading →

Do you sleep well? (part III)

  Key takeaways: - Foods (especially caffeine, alcohol and carb) affect your sleep quality; - Relaxation before bed time improves sleep quality: - Bed-time routine helps you sleep; - Take sleep seriously and cure yourself by sleeping. I don't want to pretend that I'm an expert in sleep research. So, I am going to blog... Continue Reading →

Do you sleep well? (Part II)

Say Hi to your work. To be productive, you need to be happy. To be happy, you must sleep well. Key takeaways: - Being gritty is good but need to have good health to be gritty; - Sleep quality affects work performance, moods and relationships; - Productivity starts at 10pm the night before, not 9am... Continue Reading →

Do you sleep well? (Part I)

One of my best sleeps in the past few weeks! Should have sleeps like this every day. Key takeaways: - About 75% people don't sleep enough; - Chronological sleep deprivation causes health issues and affect work efficiency; - Track your sleep and form a sound bed-time routine to improve sleep quantity and quality; - You... Continue Reading →

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