A monster in your brain

I met a girl in December 2018 mid-way on her journey to cycle from Brisbane to Sydney (about 1,000kms). A very tough journey for her and I was pretty sure she had been fighting her monster in her brain along the Pacific Highway to Sydney! Key takeaways: Negative talks to yourself is a default function... Continue Reading →

Seek support and enjoy a better life

Lonely Ironmen in a hot and long distance cycle training (I was the one who took the shot). You have my respect, fellow Ironmen! Key takeaways: Humans are not resilient in nature;Most people would choose to stay in the 'comfort' zone; that's nature;When grit is needed, your best chance of success is to seek support;With... Continue Reading →

Time to reflect before 2017 finishes

  It's Christmas Eve today while I'm writing this blog. Kids are busy with Mom making biscuts for Santa and his crew to eat when they deliver kids' presents tonight. I'm sitting in the lounge with a beer reflecting what I've achieved in 2017. Life couldn't be any better than this. ^_^ In short, I'm... Continue Reading →

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