Why is it easy for some Generation Y to be successful in the future? (continued from part I- do you know the tips?)


(Pic: time is money! A ‘half-penny’ watch from the Royal Australian Mint.)

Key takeaways:
– be time smart and boost your brain power;
– let a mentor/coach guide you through your life journey; small investment but huge return.

(Continued from Part I)

4. Be smart and efficient at time (slot) allocation: we all have the same 24 hours a day, so literally you cannot manage your time! If one wants to perform better, the most important job to do is to sleep well. After that, use your time wisely and efficiently. Your brain only works efficiently for less than four hours per day in total, so use that golden four hours to boost your productivity, then the other four hours at work to deal with other things that you must deal with such as emails and whatever pops up on your mobile phone.

5. Get a mentor or a coach: no one can coach himself or herself to achieve top performance and this is evident to all fields, especially sports, academics and business. If you don’t have a coach teaching you how to do brilliant presentations, then get one because 80% presentations I’ve sat in so far are not well delivered! If you don’t have a mentor teaching you how to efficiently use your time and develop good daily routines, then get one. If you can’t even manage your personal life, then I wonder what you can manage at work.

What I have seen after 15 years in a world top 50 university is that those people who did the above tend to perform well above their peers. Others are still stuck in a job and spend time on social media, trying to ‘look good’ to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, they also wonder why they are not on top of the world because they are ‘brilliant’?

Face the reality: you are not!

So, why is it easy for some Gen. Y to be successful in the future? It’s not hard to see. If you want to change your life, start from point #5, Get a Mentor/Coach. Small investment from your pocket but a huge return to your life!


Dr. C. Richard Wu @ ReeaConsulting.com
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