Stop drifting in you life and career- choose for yourself or for others? (Part IV)


(When the landmark becomes so clear to you, then you will know exactly what you should do to stop drifting and move on your life and career. “Welcome to the real world, Neil”, (from The Matrix))

I have a friend whom I have known since year 8; a long-time friend. When he was to make a decision to do his Bachelor’s degree, he chose textile and fabric. Six months later, he stopped because he didn’t like it. He then spent some efforts to switch to a different university and major in information technology. He liked it.

After graduation, he didn’t work much in the IT industry. In stead, he worked as a stock broker. It is actually not easy to get licensed to become a stock broker in his country, but he made it. He was quite happy with his job until the tech bubble bursted and the tsunami of Asian financial crisis came in 1998.

He then drifted among jobs for years. This guy is a very smart guy, so he took a national exam and got selected to work in the Customs for the government. The success rate to pass the exam is less than 0.1% and he made it. In a social gathering, I asked him why he chose this job. He said: “Pay is OK but I will never be laid off as a public servant in this country.” Fair enough!

The next time I met him, it was almost 16 months later. He quit the ‘golden job’ that everyone thought; he was back to the stock market but worked as a fund analyst and assistant manager. I had a beer with him and we talked about how he drifted along the way. He said: “I finally realise that I should do what I like to do, if I have a choice. I don’t like the job in Customs, but it’s stable. I still like stock trading and I have been trading on my own portfolio for years. I then used my portfolio to get my new job in this fund management company; not by my degree. Now I know what I like to do for the rest of my life.”

He stopped drifting because he found a ‘landmark’ which is clear to him and he brought himself onshore. We all drifted more of less in our lives. The question is not that drifting is bad; the issue is that you can choose not to drift but you don’t know. You thought this was ‘life’. Apparently, this is not the case. You only need a coach to help your life and advance your life.

Let me help you, if you are drifting. Contact me at: REEAConsulting(at) and subscribe to my blog.

Dr. C. Richard Wu @ REEA Consulting.


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